Infoware Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Gain peace of mind over your business by properly securing your data. 
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Failure to Properly Backup Your Data Can be Very Costly

Too often, small and medium sized firms learn about the limitations of their backup and recovery solutions after it’s too late.  Loss of data and extended downtime can seriously harm your firm’s reputation disrupt your  ability to service customers.    

Infoware Has Your Back

Infoware takes a best practice approach and deploys trusted industry leading technologies to ensure your backups are secure, tested and quickly accessible in the event of disaster, accidental deletion or a cyber-incident. 
We Expect the Unexpected
Improper planning is a recipe for disaster.  Our solutions ensure you’re firm is ready when issues occur. 
We Safeguard Your Business
Hardware failures are not the only reason data can be lost.  Our solutions allow you to restore quickly in the event of a ransomware attack. 
We Minimize Downtime
Speed of recovery is a top priority. We recommend on-site and off-site backups to secure your data and reduce disruption.
We Manage Everything
From implementation to daily monitoring and testing we ensure your backup solution is functioning properly on a 24x7 basis. 

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