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What’s the Cloud?

The cloud is simply data, software and services accessible through the Internet instead of a physical server. Our Cloud solutions allow you the freedom to work anywhere.  Your data is backed up continuously inside secure data centres on enterprise-grade equipment eliminating the need to purchase expensive servers. 

Key Benefits

Secure your critical data in Microsoft’s world-class cloud environment and leverage security tools like encryption and single sign-on.
ProductivityRemoves the need for on-site data centres, hardware setup, s/w patching and other time-consuming IT chores. IT can focus on users and business goals.
Eliminate  on-site servers and infrastructure to support them with a more flexible, and scalable cloud infrastructure. 
Backing up your data, and business continuity planning are far easier and less expensive as data is mirrored at multiple redundant sites in the cloud.
Access the right amount of IT resources, computing power, storage, and bandwidth when and where they’re needed. 
Access your critical business applications and data with improved speed and performance from the office or remote locations.
What our customers are saying

Smooth and Seamless Transition to the Cloud.

When we started thinking of moving to the cloud, Infoware guided us effectively through the process.  Their migration strategy made for an efficient transition for our users, and we are now enjoying improved security and performance -- whether we are working remotely or in the office. Infoware is a pleasure to work with and continues to provide innovative technological solutions for an ever-evolving business landscape, which helps us stay competitive in today’s marketplace.
Robert Brodey- Law Clerk
Gibbs Law

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